Creature type mobs set in custom biome spawn weights dont spawn no matter what (2020.4 snapshot)

Published by Hellfax on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 12:25
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Issue description

So i set all of the creature mobs to about the regular value for animal spawn weights, yet they arent spawning in my custom biome, monsters are spawning just find. This also happened in 2020.3 when i tried to set a mob type entity (aggressive) to have creature type spawning (spawn in daylight). PS im uploading this onto the issue tracker again since I made the mistake of previously uploading without my workspace and it got unapproved.

biome workspace

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Issue comments

You did not specify what biome to check. Nor is this minimal reproducible example workspace. Please familiarize yourself with tracker rules.

To the problem (I had to assume it is for Garigue biome), you use a custom block for grass. Vanilla creatures will ONLY spawn on vanilla grass, no way around this.

Custom creatures will spawn on any block marked with GRASS material.

This is explained here too:

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