Mob spawning is too high

Issue description

I created a mob. However, when entering a flat world with a Void preset, it spawns literally everywhere (I haven't tested it yet on other kinds of world). The mob was meant to spawn in groups of 4-7, but since I saw that there were too much, I decided to lower it to 1-4. But the issue is the same. I then tried to set its weight to 7, but it still keeps spawning at an abnormal rate. What can I do to fix it?

Issue comments

Thanks for your response. I've already seen that page, but I couldn't find any fix. Despite the very low values I've inserted as weight and groups, these mobs keep filling the world.

Hmm it could be that flat uses different weighting, but other controls than the ones given are not currently exposed in the code

However, I encountered a problem. While trying to create a custom spawn condition to prevent my mob from spawning too much, I discovered that I couldn't select it while applying it to my entity (it simply doesn't find my procedure) despite having the required dependencies (x, y, z and world)

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