Using Mods on Vanilla Multiplayer Servers

Published by fishcute on Fri, 07/24/2020 - 20:24
Issue description

So I've been working on a mod to run vanilla/server commands from a openable GUI using a keybind, But whenever I try to use the mod on a server, the keybind does not do anything. I've made sure that there are no things such as spawn gem or sounds. Whenever I hover over the server, it has an arrow that says "Incompatible Vanilla Server". I've even tried a workspace with zero elements and it still says this. The only blocks that I have is Execute command / (Command) in the name of Event/target (To make the player run the command) and Open GUI blocks. Any ways to fix this?

Issue comments

You need to install mod on both sides if you see 

 "Incompatible Vanilla Server"


No, it would be very illegal too, this would open a world of cheats, so the answer is definitely 100% no.

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