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The procedure block "Get Energy Capacity of block x: X y:Y z:Z" I have found does not seem to work as intended.

(Just the procedure block, I found that energy was being capped at its defined capacity)

I have an item which gets the current energy of an block and the capacity and makes it into a text saying "Energy:#/#" using the "format number" text block and the "create text with" text block.

From my testing I found that whenever it outputs text it says "Energy: 200/200" or "Energy: 820/820", the first number (current energy) is correct. But the second number (block energy capacity, the number after the "/") is incorrect as that is not the energy capacity of the block but instead is the current energy.


Since I thought some people might ask about wether I used the correct procedure blocks or set up my block correctly, I have used procedure blocks "Get Energy of block x: X y:Y z:Z" and "Get Energy Capacity of block x: X y:Y z:Z"

And for the block I have ticked the box saying enable energy storage, set initial energy to 0 and Maximal energy capacity to 1000, Max energy receive to 80 and Max energy Extract to 140, I left fluid setting at default. In tile entity settings I checked the box making it a tile entity.

The block I made was simply a battery block so it has no other functionality.

(In the code screenshot I attached, the reason why there is a send energy procedure block was so I could test wether it was working because it was outputting 0/0 so I wanted to see wether both were not working or it was just the capacity.)

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