File Size issue (Why 20 mb)

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Why is the file sizes for modification files so small. 20 Mb is kinda small (or at least for me). For a mod I made, it first around 36kb then it decided to jump to 2.25 GB. Just why. I only have 31 elements and the max is 6000 something. Either something I made is to big or the files you guys supply are too small. (I do believe I had something to do with it. I suggest to make file limit sizes bigger. If you can't, I understand and want a good reason why this is the case 

Issue comments

20 MB is larger than most mods ever to exist. 2.25GB is unreasonable by all means and you pasted something large in the workspace you shouldn't (likely some oversized textures, large animated textures, huge sounds, ...).

Also, keep in mind this is all for free so we can't just give unlimited space on disks for free. With the current amount of donations, this is already well on the top limit for the number of users and all.

Actually none of my elements made that jump. The biggest one is 16 kbs for a GUI. What made the jump were the compressed files. Is there anyway to lower them. I haven't imported anything on this mod, like sounds and texture files.

What do you mean. Where are you supposed to export it from. When I export it, the first thing it says is, compressing files


Ummm.. I ended up downloading a virus (I got rid of it quickly though) and my json file of the mod is still 2.25gb

Let me put it this way, when downloading FORGE, it also downloaded PC accelerate, a virus. I messed up and called the mod a json file. It is actually a .jar. Sorry if that messed you up

I found it. It is in textures which is in assets which is in resources which is in main which is in src which is in my oversized mod (/src/main/resources/assets/steel/textures/ for short). It is called Steel. Just Steel and it is 2,362,163 KB. It is compressed zipped folder. I can't access it. I can't extract it. I can't delete it.

I can't access it. I can't extract it. I can't delete it.

Seems like permissions problem, check your permissions setup on your computer

Finally I did it. I couldn't do anything with the giant mod. So I realized that there was an obvious answer. Make a new workspace, copy all the elements from the giant one to new and see what happens. It worked. It now has a size of 67 KB instead of, well, 2.25 GB. I notice you keep a very good track of your peers and do it with patience and support. I really appreciate your work on this website and hope it keeps growing. Thank you.