better gui desiner

Published by T-cat2.0 on Thu, 08/13/2020 - 03:04
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Issue description

so i want a better gui maker 

i think this element color should be gray.

you should be able to shape the back ground not just a rectangle. it is to sort so you make it 20 px taller but then, there's a weird amount of space under your inventory,

and I don't like that!

or you will put a bunch of work into modifying the background through image editing!

number input <#> text input <@> texture input <T> options input <O options 1, options 2, etc.>


  • progress bar [inputs bar name<#> bar length <#> bar texture <T>


proceed blocks

  • start bar     pixel / tick <#> bar name <#>
  • when bar full (starter block) bar name <#> or filled to pixel <#>
  • set bar pixel <#>
  • stop bar     bar name <#>
  • set bar to <O fluid, energy> amount


Issue comments

More elements are planned in the editor, also whole new UX is planned for the future.

Once open-sourced, feel free to contribute your features and changes too.

you should be able to shape the back ground not just a rectangle

This is definitelly out of scope, only standard elements will be covered atm

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