Item part its damaged

Published by BlueCraft on Tue, 08/18/2020 - 06:32
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Issue description

The part of the texture item selector its damaged beacuse it shows the item but not the texture and when i saved it and i want to opend again i can and appears a mesage that says "this mod does not saved instance. if you want to make it editable, you need to remakeit. you probably see this brcause you have updated MCreator and your mod was madebefor saving was possible." and then it shows other mesage that its that idf i had a bug i can reported here so thats what a im doing.


 thanks for your help.

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cone, the part of the texture item its damaged8.17 KB 8.17 KB

Issue comments

I suggest you re-create this item. I am not sure why this happened. It could be if MCreator crashed in between or some other software prevented saving the file.

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