Text Filter for scanning Coding Blocks more easily, either all or per section desired

Published by kreatorKen on Tue, 08/18/2020 - 22:47
Issue description

As you know, I have just joined MC. Really, really great as my java skills are very rudimentary and this is a great jump in for me and my kids. I know that you just spent a lot of time in the great sort and search in the UI for mod elements, but does 2020.4 have that option for coding blocks?. You do call them coding blocks right? I tried searching for this issue, but I didnt find exactly this, most of the UI sorting I found was on the mod elements.

As a beginner, I am continuously frustrated in the time I need to search through the coding blocks to find the one I need, or, actually, since I dont know which one I need most of the time right now, which one I might need. For example, which NBT coding blocks are there? Lots of clicking back and forth right now. Even if the filter only worked on the first word in each coding block, a lot of beginners would really appreciate the ability to find the coding blocks more easily.

So, some ideas are:

  • using a text field and simple filter (like in thunderbird for messages)
    • filter works either on all coding blocks (master filter) or just on an open category
  • no text filter field, but dynamically called when typing the keyboard when the coding block selection is open. I would start typing NBT .. and this would appear in an not editable textfild and the coding blocks dynamically filtered
  • optional (or as substitute) allowing alphabetical sorting [I think I might have saw an ticket for this one, but I couldnt find it again or it was for the mob elements only]



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Issue comments

Thanks! I totally did not expect this so soon. I checked out the snapshot 2020.4 b30417 and downloaded 2020.4 (stable). I guess we can expect this in 2020.5 right? (Just to make sure we hold our horses until you're ready).