On Entity spawn condition isn't working

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Workspace is attached. Check OccultPigNaturalEntitySpawningCondition.

reproducing steps:
1. create a new world with cheats and creative mode

2. do /warp_true_end to travel to the dimension

3. enjoy seeing purple pigs spawn in air and falling into the void even though I made a condition for them to only spawn if y-1 block is purple endstone grassy block "Otherworldly grass"


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Issue comments

This is normal.

Entity spawning can be defined in two locations (but only one should be used):

  1. In the entity creator itself
  2. From the biome

ONLY option 1. will use custom spawning condition, biome spawning is not that advanced, and uses its own control logic for conditions derived from the spawning type.

should I open a seperate ticket for mobs spawning in the air for end like generation with biome defined spawning then?

I don't think I can change anything about this, default biome gen code is used there.