Pressure Plate Block Base

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Issue description

Say you wanted to make a functional pressure plate type for your mod without procedures or other stuff. 

Please add pressure plates in a future 2020.5 snapshot. 

They should have an on/off sound in advanced properties for custom sounds. This would also apply to doors, fence gates and trapdoors when opened/closed if you wanted to use a custom sound.

Also,  a pressure plate properties in advanced properties if the block base is used: This would have time activated (ticks from first activated to shut off for custom timing. Next, activated by projectiles checkbox which would make it triggered if you shoot it with an arrow, trident, or custom ranged items.

Finally, a type drop-down with 4 options: Wooden which is triggered by all entities, stone, which is triggered by only living entities or players, weighted with a number input for number of entities required for a full signal and finally custom where only players or defined entities could be used.

Issue comments

Comlex settings might be added in the future, also more block bases are planned for the future.

Please add pressure plates in a future 2020.5 snapshot. 

I have my own internal schedule of features.

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