FE/RF energy system

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MCreator 2020.4 adds support for the energy system. Default Forge generator uses the FE/RF energy system for this and is compatible with any other mod using this system and following common conventions.

This page explains some basic principles of this system.

Block properties

Block with energy enabled can define initial energy level when the block is placed in the world, the maximal value of energy the block can store (block capacity), and input and output energy transfer rates.

Block energy properties

Blocks need to have a tile entity enabled to use energy storage capability. The current energy value can be shown in GUIs bound to this block too.

Energy procedures

There is a procedure category dedicated to the energy system (and fluid tank system). These procedures expose all standard interfaces to interface with other mods that support the energy system.

MCreator Minecraft Energy System Procedures

Energy push concept

To make energy systems compatible between mods, a push energy concept has been adopted by most of the mods.

This means the block can only push energy to another block and not pull energy from it. While technically pulling is possible, it should not be used.

This means your block should only provide functions to push energy from it and not logic for getting energy from neighboring blocks. This prevents things like one block trying to pull energy while the other block is already pushing the energy into it.

Energy procedure directions

All procedure blocks for energy management have option to specify the direction of the block to which the energy should be pushed to. Some blocks of some mods only accept energy from some of the block sides, so make sure to specify the direction you are pushing the energy to in such cases.

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