How to make an ore block


Making a Metallic Ore Block

This section will teach you how to make an ore block like iron or gold ore.

  • First, import your ore texture.
  • Next, create a block element and set up your textures.
  • Setup your block settings.
  • Configure your block generation properties.
  • Test your ore in the test environment.

Block Settings for Ore

This section lists the settings Minecraft uses for there ore blocks you can also use your own settings or use the settings listed below.

Metallic Ore Blocks

Block model: Normal
Block rotation: No rotation
Transparency type: Solid
Block base: Default basic block
Block dimensions: Min: 0, 0, 0, Max: 1, 1, 1
Name in GUI: Anything you want
Material: Rock
Creative inventory tab: Building blocks
Hardness: 3.0
Resistance: 15.0
Has gravity? False
Tick rate: 0
Block color on the map: Stone
Can plants sustain on this block? False
Can this block be beacon base? False
Is this block flammable? False
Does redstone connect to this block? False
Enchantment power bonus: 0.0
Custom drop: False
Drop amount: 1
Affected by silk touch? False
Creative pick item: The same block or leave blank
Tool able to destroy it: Pickaxe
Tool harvest level to break with drop: Wood: (0), stone: (1), iron / gold: (2), diamond: (3).
Sound on step: Stone
Luminance: 0.0
Light opacity: 255
Is unbreakable? False
Is replaceable? False
Can walk through the block? False

Ore Generation Levels

Ore block: Minimum level: Maximum level: Chunk Generation: Group Size:
Coal ore: 0 128 20 17
Iron ore: 0 64 20 9
Gold ore: 0 32 2 9
Emerald ore: 0 32 11 1
Lapis Lazuli ore: 0 32 1 7
Redstone ore: 0 16 8 8
Diamond ore: 0 16 1 8


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