MCR Legacy Converter

MCR Legacy Converter is a program used to convert old MCreator workspace file format to the modern folder-based workspace format.


For this tool to work, you need to have Java installed. Download the compressed zip archive using the link below and extract the contents to the location where you want to use it.

DOWNLOAD Version 1.0

By downloading and using this tool, you agree to our TOS and EULA


Double click the "mcrconvert-[version].jar" file to open the program. Select the source MCreator workspace .mcr file using the "..." button. Repeat the process for the destination folder. Make sure the folder is empty (the converter doesn't allow you to use an already populated folder to prevent data loss). Now click the convert button.

MCR Legacy Converter Interface

When importing workspaces from MCreator versions older than 1.7.9, Events, Global events, Overlay conditions and Mob AI tasks will not be imported.

Prompt for workspaces older than 1.7.9

For versions older than 1.8.2, you will be prompted to name your workspace, write the description etc., much like you do when creating a new workspace in newer versions of MCreator.

Prompt for workspaces older than 1.8.2

If the conversion was successful, a dialog opens giving you the option to either convert another workspace or exit the program.

Final prompt


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