Custom Ores Not Spawning In Custom Stone

Published by indianajmh on Fri, 03/06/2020 - 05:08
Issue description

My custom ores are not spawning in the custom dimension and stone. The ores are called "mountain ore" and "sky ore". The stone is called "solid cloud". The dimension is called "real sky realm". I don't know if it is something I did or if it is a bug. I have the workspace here. Please help and thank you.

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Issue comments

Set the ore to spawn in custom blocks, by default it only spawns in stone. This belongs on forum as it is a support request, not a bug report.

You need to set it to spawn in the dimension too.

Also if it is a nether like dimension you should set the spawn rate higher like 40 or so because there are way too much blocks in nether like dimensions

I've done all of this at the start and it is an overworld-like gen with around 16 or so spawn rate but I don't see it anywhere.

No, it is not and i set the height as it says in f3. Thanks very much for trying to help.

I've used other ores and they spawned fine, but this was because they were in the overworld. Since these ores are in a custom dimension, they aren't spawning.

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