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hello friends this is my second mod and adding new tools will make rotten flash more useful


starting with the fact that you can  make leather with 4 rotten flesh

and also the fact that you can create leash with  2 spider strings and 1 rotten meat


and with a 1 rotten meat you can create zombie meat a food that has nutrition of 5 but that causes nausea

that’s why you’ll want to cook it so you can create cooked zombie meat

which is able to be eaten with a normal food and has nutrition value of 10 and adds regeneration effect per 1000 ticks

and you will want to save some zombie meat in the kitchen to create the zombie soup

combining 3 cooked zombie meat in the horizontal center and one
bowl you create the zombie soup

which has a nutrition value of 16 and a saturation of 1.8

and add strength and endurance regeneration potion effects for 10,000 ticks

and by combining 2 rotting meats in the center column and a stick you create the zombie sword

that has a damage of 20 and smite 10(who damage zombies and skeletons)
and when a creature is hit with it, the creature suffers a weakness effect of 2 per 1000 ticks

and the zombie extractor who takes 20 flint out of the rotten flesh 

to create it you need to create the blade extractor that is made with 3 metal ingot in the center column

then you must make 2 base extractor that will be used to build the extractor

then you must make 2 base extractor that will be used to build the extractor

that can be crafted using any 6 stones on the two horizontal lines

and you must create the extractor holder which is made using a grid on the bottom of the vertical 2 and a grid on the top of the vertical 2 in the middle and a grid in the center of the vertical 3

with that you put 2 two extractor bases in the second vertical and the blade extractor in the center of the 2 vertical and the extractor holder in the 3 house of the 2 horizontal
and you will create the zombie extractor

that being put on rotten meat in the crafting table can create 20 flint


the bone extractor can extract bones from different creatures

first it must be crafted with a bone extractor blade that is crafted using a metal ingot in the center and a metal bar in the first square of the top horizontal that will create the bone extractor blade

and after that you create the bone extractor holder that is made with any plank in the third square of the bottom horizontal and a plank in the center

with both feats you put the bone extractor holder in the third square of the bottom and the bone extractor blade in the center

creating the bone extractor

some of the values ​​when extracting bones from meat

rotten_flesh=20 bones 

porkcho:5 bones

beef:10 bones 

chicken:5 bones 

rabbit:5 bones

any fish meat:5 bones

ink_sack:30 bones

mutton:10 bones

Modification files
meat_and_flesh_utilities_fixed_1.15.2.jar - the new file who fixed the extractor bone blade bugUploaded on: 03/31/2021 - 18:08   File size: 124.77 KB

i fixed a crafting bug with the extractor_bone_blade