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-- I recommend using JEI for recipes --


This is a mod that adds a new ore called "Bharium", an underrated ore that got some soul power.

I was just 12 years old when I created this mod and I'm not that good at creating them.


You can make a maple gem: by combining two redstone dusts, one diamond and a bharium ingot; which from you can make a bharite ingot in the smithing table by combining the gem with the iron ingot

List to do:

  • remodel soul creep
  • make a new mob - champer
  • make a new boss - fungal champer
  • make a new dimension - vegetation realm
  • make a new exctavation tool - funginator
  • make a new desert plant, because why not
  • make bharite tools and armor
  • make melting station work and recipes for it
  • make bharytone effect
  • make a new music disc [:>]
Modification files
Bharium 1.8.2.jar - Bharium 1.8.2 for Minecraft 1.16.5Uploaded on: 10/03/2021 - 08:13   File size: 917.9 KB
Bharium 1.8.1.jar - Bharium 1.8.1 for Minecraft 1.16.5, FLoRuhUploaded on: 09/25/2021 - 15:03   File size: 902.13 KB
Bharium 1.8_0.jar - Bharium 1.8.0 for Minecraft 1.16.5Uploaded on: 09/18/2021 - 12:35   File size: 847.9 KB
Bharium 1.7.jar - Bharium 1.7.0 for Minecraft 1.16.5Uploaded on: 09/05/2021 - 10:49   File size: 793.64 KB

Version 1.8.2:

  • Added more foods,
  • Added a new way of summoning a Soul Creep by placing Bharium Block on Soul Sand or Soul Soil.


Version 1.8.1:

  • Adden a brand new, frosty plant! It's called Floruh and it's very extreme - it is commonly found on frozen oceans' icebergs.

          It's a combination of the sugar cane and the sweet berry bush.

  • New materials, and more!


Version 1.8 - Suit up!:

 -Melting Station will be functional not so soon-

Revamped textures for:

  • Bharium ore,


  • Added Nether bharium ore, Bharium toolsBharium armor, and more!,
  • Fixed Bharium potato and Bharite block names.


Version 1.7 - Soul-ly Update!:

  • Added a new mob, Soul Creep,
  • Changed Melting Station GUI a little.


Version 1.6.1:

Revamped textures for:

  • Bharium ingot,
  • Bharium nugget,
  • Bharite ingot.