Item Not Working Correctly?

Published by TeamTSS on Sun, 03/18/2018 - 18:25
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Issue description

In Mcreator, I am attempting to create an Item that when right clicked will summon an entity like an Iron Golem, to fight for you.  I want it to be able to do this 50 times until it breaks.  I have set the Max Item Use Duration to 50 and the Item Damage Count to 50.  The, I set up an event that will summon the entity, and will damage the item once.  Then, an error message pops up, because of it.  Please Help.



Issue comments

You can attach this event to On player hits entity with item only right now.

I will keep this issue open so we add the onBlockDestroyed event to the item event list so one can use damage item event result when the item is used to destroy a block.