A error with custom mob models

Published by Nouyoule on Mon, 08/06/2018 - 10:32
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Issue description

I very sorry of reopen the even issue, but, i respected everything of the Wiki, but impossible create my mobs with custom models. I need help for open a new version of my mod. 

Issue comments

If you are sure you followed every single bit of the guide, then attach the mob model here and/or the build error and I will try to help you.

Submitted by Nouyoule on Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:37

In real, i have followed everything of the guide, i am also going towards other topics, without are good… I prefer be helped with you, because you is the developer, and you know MCreator Application more than me.

Submitted by Nouyoule on Tue, 08/07/2018 - 12:58

For this issue, start with Techne.

After launch Techne, i am very happy, and I begin without ideas. In first, I want to make a TNT Creeper with a mask: He was ugly. After, I begin the Strong Derpy, the mob who is the most awaited of my mod ”Derpy Mod”. After than I make it, I make his texture, and I exported it in model. I also begin in placing the pieces in the model.

Go see the next.

I launch MCreator (And also, I must close Techne for export my model, because the exportation is closed), I was very happy of see my model in the game, than I have make the mod, in place the good things. After than I have finish, I launch and… a recompile error?! So, I make a issue, and I, after than you place the link to the Wiki, followed everything. But by instance: ModelRender was very inportant for the parts, but I have just delete a problem write. After delete the bad code, because there is not other, I remake my mod. And, always the even thing, but, after many trying, I have see than the problem is skipped! But, I launch the game, and, the even thing…

I really need help because I don’t know the bad codes, not videos on Internet. I make many research, no informations…

It’s why I need help because a lot of programmer have never this error.

Thanks you for help me!