Published by SPAZ97 on Tue, 03/25/2014 - 15:27
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MineBank adds a simple, XP-based currency system to the game.

Coins: Pig Coin, Steve Coin, Creeper Coin, and the super-expensive Herobrine Coin.

The Pig Coin is worth 1 XP, the Steve Coin is worth 5, the Creeper Coin is worth 25, and the Herobrine Coin is worth 100.


As of 0.0.3, coins give you their corresponding XP values back when you right-click with them in your hand. Keep in mind, this mod goes by points, not levels.


As of 0.0.5, you can make your own Kiosks!


As of 0.0.9, you can make your own Kiosks... WITHOUT the coding! Yes, I have added a way to make Kiosks in-game, with the aid of a new item, the Order Form!


Crafting recipe for the Order Form(shapeless):


Just have the items you want to sell in your inventory:

Note: Any items from this mod (Coins, ATM, Kiosks, etc.) cannot be sold in a Kiosk.


Then right click, and a gui will pop up, and you can set the prices in the text box:


Then, click "Done", and you can set the name of your Kiosk:


Once you click "Create Kiosk", your kiosk will be saved, and added to the creative inventory! As of 0.1.0, they are added the instant you make them:



Added Wallets in 0.0.7!

Crafting recipe for the Wallet:


The wallet is a way to store your coins. Just have some coins in your inventory:


Then right-click, and all the coins go into the wallet, and you become the owner:


Getting your coins back out is as easy as right-clicking again:

Note: Once the owner of the wallet is set, it cannot be reset. Only the owner of the wallet can access the coins inside.


Crafting recipe for the ATM:


Here is a screenshot of the ATM:


When you right click the ATM, a gui will pop up:


Type the value in the box, then click "Deposit":


A lot of coding went into this. Please rate fairly.

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This mod is doesn't work properly because when you buy things it gives you more money and when you buy money with xp you can type in as much as you want even if you don't have enough xp

This mod just gets better and better! I am tempted to add this to a private mod pack on the FTB launcher, if that is fine by you, Spaz.

wow I like this idea. I am going to give it a test run when I get time. :) very cool

Lol look at the ad that appeared in the middle of your mod:
So fitting!

Nice Mod, its just what people need when they have a shop on a LAN world or server.


This is amazing. Definitely one of, if not the, best mod made with MCREATOR.

Now I've seen the order forms and the simplicity of crafting them and using them, this mod is kinda OP. Get a block of Diamond, and sell them for 1. Add a mob farm, and it just goes overboard. The creative ideas with this are awesome, though.

(I apologize for pointing out a flaw that i'm sure everyone will now exploit to the max. Well, some people will. I play as legit as possible. Unless I lose my god tools :O)