Can't open it.

Works as designed
Issue description

So maybe I'm very easy to upset but MCreator just kills me with its workability.
And I never could use it.

My PC is x32 bit.
Tried the latest version, Java always runs out of RAM, as it says. No matter how much RAM i give to it and close all other processes.
Then I see that this problem is resolved here but the preferences file method doesn't work.
Tried changing to x64. Launches, says it can't launch but launches. Still doesn't work.
Tried changing to the oldest version. Stuck on the stage "Installing Forge...", I looked up the console to see what's going on. Turns out, it was just relauncing it and installing Forge all over again, my browser filled with "WHAT'S NEXT?!?!" tabs.
Now tried the version after the oldest. Error in the attached file.

I'm cursed, I think.

Issue comments

There is no attached file.

If you get multiple whats next tabs, it means you opened multiple MCreators at once and it is normal for this to not work.

Nevertheless, you need to have extreme luck to make MCreator work on 32-bit computers as it just cannot function with the amount of ram available on 32-bit computers.

We will be dropping 32-bit support in the upcoming updates.

The issue is not in MCreator but Minecraft Forge MDK itself. With such a computer, there is a low chance you could even manually make mods for the latest Minecraft Forge using programming.