Custom structures for trees in biomes can float

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I tried to add custom trees to my biome, but when i checked my work in the minecraft client some of the trees were flying. How can I fix that? Please somebody help.


(Sorry for the bad english.)

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Did you add these structures as trees in a biome or as a custom structure?

He probably add these in the biome. I also have the same issue with floating trees. It would be good if there were more options to that.

But using the structure system/tab works better than putting one in the biome system/tab (after the possible rotation and world destroying fix)

Ya I noticed this issue was here again in 1.8.3, probably just after release, I did some testing on a tutorial for that version and I noticed that biome trees floated a bit.

Submitted by Memeseus on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 20:33

This is happening to me too, i also replaced all of the air blocks to void blocks before I saved the schematic and it still does this

Submitted by StellaeLux on Tue, 10/08/2019 - 08:53

Hey @sirUmbrella,

Your structure has been correctly placed on the ground. However, "Ground" means the block above the Structure_Block. (Changing relative position will not change that, (but perhaps should've)).

Because the corners of your structures are air, it appears to be floating, as it placed an air block on the ground. You can solve this manually by adjusting the offset by which your structure is spawned:

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