Loot table suggestion(s)

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Loot table suggestion(s)

Hello all


Just a few suggestions for now. 

First - If possible could you add a button next to the "Add pool entry" button that can duplicate the pool and create a new one with all the stuff in that pool. Useful if your making a table that has the same loot in new pools but better chances to get it.

Second - At the bottom of a pool can you add a second "Add pool entry" button, so that when making large pools and mult-pool tables, one doesn't have to scroll all the way back to the top to add more entries.

Third - If possible, make each pool collapsible, when making tables with large amounts of pools its gets confusing sometimes if I go back into a table to add items to each pool and get confused about where I'm at in the table.


This is just a bonus suggestion, Not sure if its even possible, Some way to make it so that if you edit the file for the table itself it will update the mcreator asset and add the entries to the table. This suggestion isn't really necessary, but just thought I would put it out there.


Thanks Mcreator team.