Feature Request: Texture Selection Menu Options

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Feature Request: Texture Selection Menu Options
Sun, 12/31/2023 - 13:56 (edited)

I've always disliked the texture selection menus for GUI images in MCreator. One of the features in my mod (a Notebook) requires an insane amount of [Textures for Screens] and the list becomes really large. In my opinion, there should be an option in Preferences (or the texture select menu itself) to set the texture select to either be a grid, list or a pop-out list (like the biome select menu), since some people may definitely prefer the old lists over grids and not being able to switch back would be frustrating.

An option to change the size of textures for specific texture select menus would be nice as well, since it might be hard to see a high resolution texture if it's being shrunk to a low resolution. Additionally, an option to group textures into folders would be great for people who are making large mods, if possible.


Edit: I forgot to change the category back to Feature Request and I can't edit it.

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