Mcreator is broken

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Mcreator is broken

This problem has been bothering me for 3 months with mcreator.
I wanted to make a normal mod with mobs that have animations.
But of course mcreator won't let me (who would have guessed).
I installed the nerdys geckolib plugin and created a model in blockbench. I uploaded everything to mcreator (remember that both geckolib and mcreator are on version 2023.4)
I set the texture for the mob and tried to open the client.
Of course, I couldn't see the mob in the game because it kicked me out of Minecraft after 5 seconds. It's like this every time. I'm sure I wrote the animations well so it couldn't have happened because of that.
There is also a problem with the tetxurs of custom blocks, which in the game are pink and purple pixels.
You can't work with something like that.
Please, someone tell me what happened.

This sounds like a plugin…
Wed, 01/03/2024 - 20:01

This sounds like a plugin bug so I would highly recommend getting in touch with the plugin author :)