Pixelbank's BURNT

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Pixelbank's BURNT


We've watched it, played with it, and shouted angrily at it in Minecraft since the early early days. But it's not great, behaves badly, takes things from us and doesn't give back... so what if it could be something better?

This is BURNT.

A Vanilla enhancing mod, if you light it, it will burn... Not disappear... BURN. In return, wooden structures and trees remain, burnt and twisted. 

Finally a good use for the flint and steel. Light a log, a wooden block, even grass, and up it goes. Fire spreads realistically and the view is a pyromaniac's dream.

Too scared to get in close? Introducing the Flint Bow. Fire flaming arrows to set whole structures alight from a safe distance.

Of course there's a new biome - the burnt forest. Not much can live here


  • New log/wood type - burnt
  • Various states of smoldering and burnt blocks
  • Broken burnt wood blocks drop charcoal
  • Flint Bow - fire flaming arrows
  • All new fire and ash textures and particles

Alpha releasing sometime in the next 48 hours!