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We've watched it, played with it, and shouted angrily at it in Minecraft since the early early days. But it's not great, behaves badly, takes things from us and doesn't give back... so what if it could be something better?



This is BURNT. A Vanilla fire enhancing mod, if you light it, it will burn... Not disappear... BURN. In return, wooden structures and trees remain, burnt and twisted, and with resources you can use.


Finally a good use for the flint and steel. Light a log, a wooden block, even grass, and up it goes. Fire spreads realistically and the view is a pyromaniac's dream.



Too scared to get in close? Introducing the Flint Bow. Fire flaming arrows to set whole structures alight from a safe distance.



Fire Spreading in action - https://youtu.be/w7GSr52AfO8?si=9mHDVp7wyjTHMOPc




  • New log/wood type - burnt
  • Various states of smoldering, broken and burnt blocks
  • Broken burnt wood blocks drop charcoal
  • Flint Bow - fire flaming arrows to set fires
  • All new fire and ash textures and particles
  • Burnt Forest biome - it's a spooky place (but doesn't do much yet... any suggestions?)


  • To start a fire use the flint and steel directly on the block of a wood or leaves type block
  • Or fire the flint bow at a wood or leaves type block
  • Rain in the world will stop the spread of fire, water will extinguish any block on fire
  • Smokers will create burnt wood types with any wood
  • Back up any worlds you don't want to be destroyed by fire
  • If you have a fast computer, go burn a woodland mansion... I dare you!
  • Worlds created with 'BURNT' will not work if the mod is then uninstalled and reloaded - this is a known issue, I'm working on it
  • Works best with shaders, obvs. Lots of glowy things
  • Have fun, it's a toy!

I've done lots of testing, but no doubt there will be more bugs! Please let me know how you get on.

NEXT UPDATE - should be a big one, moving to Beta will include:

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Overhaul of Burnt Forest Biome
  • at least 2 New mobs
  • More burnable blocks
Modification files
burnt-1.5.1_Forge_1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 03/08/2024 - 15:55   File size: 2.33 MB


  • Loads of fixes
  • More satifying fire spreading and effects
  • Rain actually extinguishes fire now
  • Leaves burn faster, but not strong enough to spread to planks/stairs/slabs
  • Fire only spreads if player is under 72 blocks away, reducing lag
  • Fire melts snow... duh
  • Rewritten most procedures, will require a new world to play
  • Had to remove 'Supplimentaries' support for now - if you want ash you can set vanilla fire from 1 block away



  • Fixed a bug that launched a flaming arrow every time you ate
  • Rewrote all tags - so should now be compatible with wood types from other mods (biomes a plenty -tested)
  • 10% more drama



  • Various bug fixes
  • Flint and steel works directly on wooden blocks now


  • FIXED Particles weren't working (22/02/2024 15:05)


  • Added smoldering blocks
  • Added broken blocks
  • Added burn blocks
  • Added Flint Bow
  • Added Burnt Forest biome


This mod is fantastic. I was starting to work on a mod with burnt grass, but here it is already.