Limenade Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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What is Limenade I hear you asking? Then this mod is NOT for you. Y- You wouldn't get the comedy of the mod.
If you're curious, it's a meme youtube channel that also does occasionnal gaming videos and frequent try not to laugh.
Here's the link to the channel: 

This is the ultimate unofficial Limenade mod.
It has coffee,
(pause for applause)
It has a bagel that gives regen and saturation
(pause for applause)
And best of all...
(pause for suspense)
It. Has. Carl.

So what are you waiting for download it! You'll have tons of fun!

Modification files

-Added Carl the 2x4
-Added bagel
-Added coffee and mug
-Added bat
-Added Hunter and Chase mobs
-Added limenade carving
-Added Logo item
-Added Logo Block
-Added the sword of yeet
-Added chicken nugget