Technoblade Mod

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The Technoblade mod adds Technoblade to your game!

In order to find Technoblade, you need to get Techno-Gems. These are found underground, and when crafted with a porkchop, they make a powered Technoblade block. you need to make a portal out of these, and then use a flint and porkchop in order to light it. Technoblade spawns in this dimension, and you will find many of him there. When you defeat him, you will get a Technoblade Upgrade Gem, when you craft a gem with a peice of diamond armor, or a diamond sword, they will turn to Technoblade items.

Technoblade gear is more powerful than diamond gear, and the Technoblade boss is hard to defeat.


Upcoming Features:

     - Techno-Blade retexture

     - More Technoblade themed creatures

     - better AI for Technoblade

     - Dungeons and other naturally generated structures

     - 1.8.9 version

Modification files
Technoblade 1.12.2.jar - 1.12.2 version of the Technoblade mod103.87 KB