The Ancient Elementals

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Do you think regular Minecraft feels kinda boring? Then, The Ancient Elementals Is The Mod For You!

The Ancient Elementals is a content mod adding several things, including over 100 items, ten bosses, and 2 new dimensions. This mod also adds stuff for people that think regular Minecraft is too easy, ancient mode and wrath mode.

The bosses are themed around different elements, such as a giant dragon representing darkness, and an angel representing light.

The Ender Dragon is usually the final boss of minecraft, however, in The Ancient Elementals, it is usually the first boss you will fight, and defeating it unlocks most of the content in the mod!

Boss list: Frost Knight, Void Dragon, Molten Golem, Split Spirit, The Eye Of The Storm, Fallen Angel, Herobrine, The Creator, Fallen King, True Creator

Geckolib is required

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Modification files
the_ancient_elementals-Beta1.5_0.jarUploaded on: 03/10/2024 - 21:48   File size: 66.43 MB

Added: Fallen King boss, Piglins wrath, EMP gun, Pearler, Satanic wand, Shockwave hammer, Enchanted dragonsteel tool tier, King trophy, XP converter, and Boss defeat achievements


changed: many things, notably: True Creator final phase, Creator's Sword projectile, the cold dagger, and a few recipes.


Retextured: adaptor, bedrock shard, cold dagger, doom crystal, dragon pheromones, split stone, elemental cleaver, frozen blade, rotten apple, shattered angel ring, and split communicator


Bug Fixes