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This is a minecraft mod made to improve all aspects of the version its in. This mod adds anything at all so the focus isn't only on one theme but the mod is almost like an update to the game, so the name of the mod became Minecraft plasma version!

The textures in this mod are made to look good with the upcoming 1.14 re-texture of Minecraft.

Latest Version Download: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/minecraft-plasma-version/files

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P_475pTsJw


  • Where are all the rubies: Ruby Ore and Ruby Blocks naturally spawn in the nether
  • How do I make steel: You can make Steel ingots in the blast furnace by smelting Iron
  • How can I put my own music in my MCREATOR mod: Get the non-copyrighted (using a copyrighted song is NOT ADVISED and against mcreator terms of use) song you would like to use and through whatever method you may like convert the file to a .OGG file as this is the only audio file mcreator will read. Then use the import custom ogg sound tool under the tools tab in mcreator. After that choose your file and set it to the type of sound the audio will be (this determines what audio setting will control the volume) and add the file. Then make a procedure that plays the file and some sort of item or event to trigger that event and there you go!

---If you need any more help, ask in the comments and I will reply and add it to this section---



Hinkik: Explorers, Outbreaker

Chime: Here we go, Coins!

Tristam: Till it's over, Razor Sharp, Flight

MDK: Press Start, X-Buster

PegbaordNerds: Try This, Razor Sharp

Nitro Fun: New Game

Teminite: Highscore

Panda Eyes: Highscore

Wubbix: Overworld

Tokyo Machine: HYPE

Braken: Flight

Destroid: Annihilate


---Want your favorite tune to be in minecraft? Type it down below and (as long as copyright allows) it will be implemented---




This mod will no longer be supported as other, bigger, better collab projects will take its place, this mod is a shame to put down with it never getting out of beta, thanks for all the support.


Modification files
Plasma Version Beta 0.4.0.jar - Beta Release 0.4.0Uploaded on: 01/16/2019 - 00:50   File size: 26.13 MB

-Version 0.5.0 The Diversity and Repair Update

  • Fixed the equivalent of about 20 tons of bugs
  • Added flies (Modeled by:Dino Games)
  • Added a bunch of new slightly changed versions of previous biomes to make the world feel more natural and flow better
  • Added the twisted and distorted biomes as a reference to Generators
  • Finished the super enchanting table
  • Added the boost potion
  • Added lemons and lemon leaves
  • Added tomatoes
  • Added corn
  • Added CDs
  • Added C Batteries
  • Added AA Batteries
  • Added lithium and lithium ore
  • Added 6 new songs
  • Added the fire blast enchantment for diamond swords
  • Added the fire blast enchanted diamond sword
  • Added emerald swords

-Version 0.4.0 The 2019 Update:

  • Added the mana extracter (non-Functional)
  • Added amythist and amythist ore
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Added new music track New Game by Nitro Fun
  • Added scrolls
  • Added enchanted scrolls
  • Added the snow trail spell
  • Added a creative tab for technological items
  • Added copper wire
  • Added..... something fun to troll with....
  • Added a decorative 2019 block
  • Added blue micro lights
  • Added plastic circut-board bases
  • Added basic circuts
  • Added bulbs
  • Added steel micro buttons
  • Added a basic moniter
  • Added a basic circut board
  • Added a basic technological sword
  • Added chitin
  • Added black ants (Modeled by: Dino games)
  • Added red ants (Modeled by: Dino games)
  • Added other hidden secrets


-Version 0.3.0 The Christmas Part 3 Update:

  • Added new overlays for the game screen for time of day and weather
  • Added more christmas NPC's
  • Added gifts
  • Worked on the marrige system a bit
  • Added sapphires and their ore
  • Added cactus sword
  • Added emerald plains biome
  • Worked on the super enchanting table


-Version 0.2.0 The Christmas Part 2 Update:

  • Added stone tablet structure
  • Added underground dungeon structure
  • Added forest house structure
  • Added birch forest house structure
  • Added plains house structure
  • Added new christmas NPC
  • Added aluminum and aluminum ore
  • Added bronze
  • Finished welding table
  • Fixed many MAJOR bugs, such as ruby ore dropping diamonds
  • Added industrial steel blocks of every color for decoration
  • Added new track Outbreaker by Hinkik
  • Added log home structure
  • Started work on the super enchanting table
  • Added ruby ring to soon be used to mary NPC's of opposite genders (Non-Functional)


-Version 0.1.0 The Christmas Part 1 Update:

  • Worked more on the welding table
  • Added 4 new music tracks
  • Added a christmas biome
  • Added candy canes
  • Added candy cane blocks
  • Added christmas NPC
  • Fixed a few bugs


-Version 0.0.3 The PVP... no the PVE... no the Battle Player update:

  • Finished Welding table texture and added recipie
  • Added 3 music tracks that when right clicked play music at the block you're looking at or where you're standing
  • Added NPC Players that drop useful items 
  • Added new Lava Desert Biome
  • Added Cherrywood Leaves
  • Added /Ruby command
  • Fixed Bugs


-Version 0.0.2 Lets weld some rubies update:

  • Added Ruby Ore
  • Added Rubies
  • Added Block of Ruby
  • Added Copper Sword
  • Added Condensed Mana
  • Added Welding Table (Non-Functional)
  • Fixed a few bugs


-Version 0.0.11 Microscopic update:

  • Added Flourishing Desert Biome (thats all)


-Version 0.0.1 Beta release:

  • Beta release of the mod

I dont think this mod need MOTW. Its really usual. Its better to you if you add some new functions.

? What do you even mean? Mods add new functions to the game thats their whole purpose, so in order to be called a mod it has to have added new stuff, and it did... also I do make it a habit to reply to things 4 months after the fact....

Congratulations you won Mod of the Week :D

I also promoted your mod on our official subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/MCreator/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MCreatorModMaker/).