Minecraft Plasma Version

Submitted by JRGlitches on Thu, 11/08/2018 - 22:01
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This is a minecraft mod made to improve all aspects of the version its in. This mod adds anything at all so the focus isn't only on one theme but the mod is almost like an update to the game, so the name of the mod became Minecraft plasma version!

The textures in this mod are made to look good with the upcoming 1.14 re-texture of Minecraft.


  • Where are all the rubies: Ruby Ore and Ruby Blocks naturally spawn in the nether
  • How do I make steel: You can make Steel ingots in the blast furnace by smelting Iron

---If you need any more help, ask in the comments and I will reply and add it to this section---



Hinkik: Explorers

Chime: Here we go

Tristam: Till it's over, Razor Sharp

MDK: Press Start, X-Buster

PegbaordNerds: Try This, Razor Sharp


---Want your favorite tune to be in minecraft? Type it down below and (as long as copyright allows) it will be implemented---


Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

-Version 0.1.0 The Christmas Part 1 Update:

  • Worked more on the welding table
  • Added 4 new music tracks
  • Added a christmas biome
  • Added candy canes
  • Added candy cane blocks
  • Added christmas NPC
  • Fixed a few bugs


-Version 0.0.3 The PVP... no the PVE... no the Battle Player update:

  • Finished Welding table texture and added recipie
  • Added 3 music tracks that when right clicked play music at the block you're looking at or where you're standing
  • Added NPC Players that drop useful items 
  • Added new Lava Desert Biome
  • Added Cherrywood Leaves
  • Added /Ruby command
  • Fixed Bugs


-Version 0.0.2 Lets weld some rubies update:

  • Added Ruby Ore
  • Added Rubies
  • Added Block of Ruby
  • Added Copper Sword
  • Added Condensed Mana
  • Added Welding Table (Non-Functional)
  • Fixed a few bugs


-Version 0.0.11 Microscopic update:

  • Added Flourishing Desert Biome (thats all)


-Version 0.0.1 Beta release:

  • Beta release of the mod
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