Super Weapons

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Minecraft Forge mod
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After like 1 year, i finally did it!

This mod adds:

New Weapons! (Every weapons have their own custom powers!)

3 New Dimensions (W.I.P)

5 New Totems!

And a lots of other things!

I will write an info text file, where everything will be explained.

Latest version: 1.3.1

This mod is Work in Progress, so lots of update will be released!



Update v1.3.1

I balanced some weapons

  • Sword Of Gravity: Ability cooldown from 30 sec to 25 sec
  • Axe Of Lightning: Ability cooldown from 5 sec to 10 sec
  • Honey Axe: Ability lasts longer (from 10 sec to 15 sec), cooldown from 25 sec to 30 sec
  • Fire Axe: (right click) Ability lasts from 10 to 15 sec, cooldown from 15 to 20 sec
  • Dragon Sword: Some of the abilities has a lower cooldown
  • Some weapons weren't  damaged when you used its abilities, now its more consistent (exceptions: Titanium Sword and Dragon Sword)


  • Azurite Temple and Void Bastion looks a bit better
  • Fixed a bug where Void Bastion loot didn't spawn
  • You can get Totem of Brutality and Totem of Immortality from the Void Bastion

Thanks for playing with this mod!

Bye :)

Update v1.3


New Weapons


  • Lapis Lazuli Sword

Its a simple sword, but if crafted with lapis lazuli blocks, then you will get a Super Lapis Lazuli Sword, that has huge enchantability (AKA you get better enchants)

  • Nether Sword

In first form, its a pretty weak, but you can combine this sword with gold block in the smithing table to upgrade it (you can upgrade it 5 times)

  • Honey Axe

Its an axe, that gives you cool effects, when you right click it.




  • Blood Rose and Warped Grass
  • Potion of Sneaky Time is actually a potion now (you can make throwable potions and arrows from it)
  • You can brew Bleeding (blood rose), Sneaky Time (ender pearl), and insanity (dnomaiD) potions
  • Rock (4 rock = cobblestone)
  • Stony Dirt (drops rock), and Dirt Coal Ore (drops coal)
  • Glowing Honeycomb (for the Honey Axe)
  • Blindwood button and pressure plate
  • New Advancements!
  • Other small tweaks (that i dont remember...)


Update v1.2 (its about damn time)


  • New Ore: Fluorite

Combine it with iron tools, and you will get a better one

  • New Weapon: Dragon sword

You can craft it with dragon gems and netherite.

It has 4 abilities (Right-click, Press H to change ability)

  • A New Structure (In the Void)
  • You can find dnomaiD ores in the Void
  • Other small tweaks

Sorry for the slow updates, but i didn't had that much time and ideas for the update.

Thanks for playing with this mod!

Bye! :)


Update v1.1


 ​​​This is just a small update, 1.2 is gonna be released in like 2-3 weeks.

Here is what changed:

Reworked the gravity sword

Now when you use it, you can fly wherever you want for 10 seconds, and if you want to fly down, you dont get fall damage.

New Fire Axe!

-Sets every mob on fire when hit (except the fire immune mobs)

-If you right click, you get fire resistance for 10 sec

-If you are in lava, and then richt click, you get a lot of buffs besides the fire resistance

New Ice Pickaxe

-Slows every mob down when hit

-If you right click, you can change every near freezable block to ice

New Biome for the Void!

Blind Forest

New block!

New type of wood!

And a New Food!

Thanks for Reading and for Playing with this Mod!

Bye :)