Random Survival [No Longer Working On It]

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"A Random Adventure Awaits You..."

"Once A Upon A Time There Was Vanilla Minecraft, One Day The Meteor Of Random Hit Minecraftia And Changed The World, Blahblahblah Blah, Shrouds, Blahblahblah, Extinction Of Minecraftia And Resurrection Of MInecraftia, Whatever.... Present Time You Have To Survive This New... You Know What? Lets Just Talk A Look At This Mod. Im Done Explaining Stuff".

This Mod Just Adds More Stuff To Explore More Of Minecraft, But If You Still Are As Confused Why Random? Thats Because I Can Move Topics To Something Strange Like Christmas Topic To Suddenly MEMES.

By The Way, You May Need A Recipe Teller, Because You'll Have To Memorize A Bunch Of Recipes.

Sadly Random Survival Will No Longer Be In Progress, This is The Last Update, Why? Thats A Secret.

Biomes Within The Mod.

The Shrouds


Once A Beautiful Grassy Part Of The Desert, Until Queen Masletial Corrupted The Lands.



This Land Seems To Grew Candy Canes In Ancient Times, But Now Who Wonders What Happened.

Bosses Within The Mod

Queen Masletial


A Beautiful Queen, But Her Mind Was Overwhelmed By The Shrouds Changing Her Into A Deadly Being.

The Pumpkin Butcher


A Dangerous Ghost With A Pumpkin As His Possessed Object.


This Machine Is Dangerous, Full Of Natural Red And Power.

Dimensions Within The Mod.

The Remains Of The Sky Dimension


The Remaining Parts Of The Floating Ancient Dimension.

There Are Some Islands, They're Just Quite Rare.

Sharded Shrouds


Where Such A Red Corruption Source Come From....

The Past Generations


A New World To Live In... A Old World.



Inside That Ingot Is A Whole Another World, Strange Right?

And By The Way, This is My First Mod So Don't Judge About How The Mod Was Made, Just Judge How Dumbly Thought The Mod Is.

The Mod Was Created By MCreator, All Thanks To Mcreator This Mod Was Possible.     



Modification files
RandomSurvival1.12.2.jarUploaded on: 11/22/2017 - 13:09   File size: 714.94 KB
RandomSurvival1.12.2v4.jarUploaded on: 12/19/2017 - 14:27   File size: 941.49 KB

*0.0 The Start Update

*Added Herobrine

*Copper, You'll Have To Find Out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

*Amethyst Ore, Ingot, Shovel, Sword... And Think On.

*Maize, A New Kind Of Food.

*Vantablack Ore, Ingot, Shovel, Sword... And Think On.

*Quartz Ores In The Overworld.

*Remains Of The Sky Dimension, The Remaining Pieces Of What Was A Paradise...

*Mana, Used To Make Enhanced Tools And Weapon, Not Magic... Yea, Maybe Disappointing.

*Obsidianite Used To Make Undestrutm.

*Undestrutm, Used To Make An Undestrutum Sword.

*Artifical Speedlif, An Artifical Item, But Unstable.

*Fool Totems, "You Fool....."

*Existance Mold, To Make Unexisting Items.

*Plandatium Used To Make An Piabenwkab.

*0.1 The Shrouds Update Part 1

*Added Green Steve

*Added Ruby Ore, Ingot, Shovel, Sword... And Think On.

*Added Man Blocks Tab

*Added Gul Bricks, A New Type Of Bricks... And By The Way Gul Is Swedish For Yellow.

Small Ain't It?

0.2 The Shrouds And Halloween Update Final Part

*Added Mircosoft MS

*Added Sharded Shrouds, The Source Of The Shrouds.

*Added Distinct, Armor Only.

*HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE Added Pumpkinator Powered by Jack O' Lanterns.

*Finipowder To Make The Pumpkinator.

*0.3 The Generations Update

*Removed Notch

*Added The Pumpkin Butcher A Brand New Boss.

*Added The Goldener Albtraum, A Weapon Impossible To Create With Normal Means.

*Added Pumpkinite To Create Pumpkinite Gem, Amazingly Creative There KirbyGaming..... Isn't Technology Great?

*Added Past Generations, The Dimension Where Pumpkin Cells Ruled The World.

*SCHOOL SUGGESTION EXCLUSIVE Added Bambino Tigers Body, Speedy Aren't They.

*Added Bullets, Yes, Bullets, Bullets Indeed, Guns, Guns Everywhere.

*SCHOOL SUGGESTION EXCLUSIVE Added MMinigun, Based Off My Friend MM Who Loves TF2/Team Fortress 2.

*You Can Now Turn Pumpkinite Gems Into Gold!

*0.4 The Holiday Christmas Update!!!

Changelog Coming Soon or Maybe Later.



I Wish I Could Update This Mod Further But This Mod Is Done, Time To Move On To Another Mod!

Nice mod, but if you edit a little the textures they will be great (they are only 2-3 colors, for example vanilla grass has lots of colors)