Sledge's Food Mod (Christmas Update)

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Hello, this is my first mod and I'm trying to make it my best. My goal for this mod is to make 64+ Food items.

If there's a problem, question, or a suggestion leave it in the comments.

Modification files
SledgeFoodMod.jar - Only five new food items added to the game.Uploaded on: 12/09/2017 - 01:06   File size: 11.52 MB
SlegdesFoodMod_C2.jarUploaded on: 12/20/2017 - 03:22   File size: 11.7 MB

V.1 -

*Made Turkey Legs

*Made a Knife

*Made Broccoli and Broccoli plant

*Made a Peeler

*Made a Masher

*Made Butter

*Made a Pot

*Made Mashed Potatoes

*Made Salt and Salt Block

*Made pepper, Peppercorn, and Peppercorn Plant

*Made a Grinder

*Made a Spoon

*Made Pineapple and Pineapple Slices

*Made Surprise for My Friend (Her, a Camera, Titanium Horse Armor, and a Birthday Command)

*Made Sushi -

Rice and Rice Plant

Avocado, Avocado Plant, and Guacamole 

Fish Meat and Pieces of Fish

Seaweed and Seaweed Plant


V.2 - 

*Added Hot Chocolate

-added cocoa powder

-added vanilla bean plant

-added raw vanilla beans

-added vanilla beans

-added vanilla extract

-added warm milk

-added heavy whipping cream

-added whipped cream 

*Added Alcohol

-added empty wine bottle

-added yeast

-yeast plant

-added bark

-added cork

-added grapes

-added grape ferment

-added wine crystals 

*Added Molasses

-added sugar cane juice

*Added Chocolate Chip Cookies

-added chocolate

-added chocolate chips

-added warm water

-added brown sugar

-added flour

-added baking soda

-added ammonium

-added baking pan

*Added Brown Sugar

-added Molasses (As stated previously)

*Added Candy Canes

-added mint plant

-added mint

-added peppermint extract

-added cornsyrup

-added cream of tartar

*Added Eggnog

*Added Nutmeg

-added nutmeg plant

*Added Blender

-added blade

*Added Juicer












Check out the trailer if you're are not sure if you want it!

Trailer :