Levapap Modification

Published by levapap on Fri, 08/09/2019 - 17:17
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Levapap modification is simply a supplement to Minecraft. This mode specializes in 3 industries: adventure, technology and magic.



As part of the adventure, the modification adds 7 new Biomes (Magical Forrest, Light Magical Forrest, Golden Forrest, Pink Forrest, Marble Biome, Crops Biome and Blue Biome), several structures and a new Powder Dimension. The modification also adds a lot of weapons like spears, battle axes, etc. The money system is also added to the game.



The technological part focuses on progress. The new material is platinum, which is better than diamond, and can be used to make armor and all tools. Platinum pickaxe is needed to mine End Essence. Oil is generated in the world and can be mined using the Oil Pump. Oil refinery is used to convert oil into asphalt and lubricant. Lubricant can be used for fuel production, asphalt is used for road construction. The big news is Nano Armor. Each part adds some bonus effect. With this suit you can fly.



The third part is magic. You can find several flowers in magical biomes and then turn them into essences using a magical factory. Using the Magic Table you can create a scroll with an effect, which in conjunction with a magic wand.



The last minor change that connects all parts is the addition of strength and energy. Energy decreases in farming, production, but also in the passage of time. Energy is replenished by sleep. The higher the player has the strength that increases during, mining, and other activities, the more energy is replenished by sleep (every 1,000 strengths = 15 energy). The maximum energy is 300.


This modification is in the development phase, not all functions necessarily work properly. I ask all players to report bugs.

What is planned?

  • Magic overhaul - functional magic table
  • Completing the money system (credit card)
  • New structures
  • Body temperature
  • A new start to the game based on civilization
  • Translations
Project members
Lead developer
Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Levapap Modification Pre-Beta - 1.14.4.jar - Pre-Beta [1.14.4] - Newest version11.69 MB
Levapap Modification Pre-Beta - 1.12.2.jar - Levapap Modification Pre-Beta [1.12.2]11.48 MB
Levapap Modification Pre-Beta - Levapap Modification Pre-Beta [1.12.2]1.34 MB
Levapap Modification Pre-Beta - Levapap Modification Pre-Beta [1.12.2]1.33 MB

Pre-Beta - 1.14.4 (Christmas Update) - Last release

  • Added Presents
    • Crafting: 3 papers, 5 planks (2 presents)
    • Gives 3 XP when recolored
    • Color with dye
    • 6 variants
  • Added Hard Rock
    • Used to craft Hard Bricks
  • Added Hard Stone
    • Generated in overworld (Y: 0 - 128)
    • Harder than stone
    • Drops Hard Rock
  • Added Hard Bricks Stairs, Hard Bricks Slab (WIP) and Hard Bricks Wall
    • Crafted from Hard Rock
  • Changed the texture of some items
  • Energy is no longer consumed in a creative


Pre-Beta - 1.14.4 (Bug Fix Update)

  • Energy is no longer consumed when using a crafting table in a creative
  • Improved oil placement
  • Shorter duration of Blidness when loading the world
  • Fixed generation of biomes from modification


Pre-Beta - 1.12.2 (Magical Update)

  • New textures of Asphalt
  • Added Magic (WIP)
  • Recreated the Powder Dimension



  • New Magic Water and Ore Orifier texture
  • New orefier function - displays the number of ores of given coordinates at the height of 0 - 64 blocks when clicked into the air.
  • Increased generation of platinum ore - the maximum height is now 10 instead of 8.
  • [Bugfix] Oil Rafinery does not return the bucket
  • [Bugfix] Magic Factory doesn't require money



  • First version
  • 7 biomes
  • Magic, Technology, Adventure…