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Cursedcraft is a very unbalanced mod which will ruin your entire world, with tools that mine bedrock, coins & piggy banks, spelling requirements, ducks, the backrooms, and so much more to come! it is sure to be no fun at all.


Planned & soon to be released features:


  • more things to explore in the backrooms WIP
  • strange things in the end & nether WIP
  • more mechanics & updating/removing letters WIP
  • more plants
  • speedrun luck update


More things to explore in the backrooms:

  • bathrooms (include toilet?)
  • monster DONE
  • remove duck blocks from dimension to make ducks harder to obtain in large quantities DONE
  • other structures?

Strange things in the end & nether:

  • mobs (backrooms monster also spawns in end) WIP
  • plants
  • structures
  • other things in the end & nether

More mechanics & updating/removing letters:

  • more mobs WIP
  • update/remove letters WIP
  • bee bread (the meaty hive)
  • cheese pandas
  • move all items to a single creative tab WIP
  • other mechanics WIP

More plants:

  • spiky purple fruit with orange spots some of witch are poisonous
  • yum plant
  • other plants

Speedrun luck update:

  • blaze rods drop rates increasing
  • ender pearl drop rates increasing
  • barter rates changed
Modification files
Cursedcraft1.0.jarUploaded on: 06/07/2023 - 14:16   File size: 1.01 MB