Bulk-editing items/recipes

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Bulk-editing items/recipes

I am currently working on a pretty simple mod that only adds the minecraft font as items, around 82 characters total (lowercase, uppercase and 20 symbols). I also try to create them in every dye color available in MC.

The sprites are done already (thanks to aseprite and the bulk-exporting of sprite sheets based on grid), but the creation of every single recipe / item is just brutally slow. Is there a way to simply bulk edit them? I tried to copy the existing ones with Notepad++ and dropping the edited ones back into the folder but the items won't show up in MCreator.

I already created 2 of the 16 possible colors and also the corresponding dyed clays and their recipes, which ends up being 362 mod elements already. In total I need 2656 elements to fully cover every color with every letter and curresponding recipe. I guess you see where this is going.

The creation of ever item and recipe isn't hard at all, but it's soooo monotone and takes so much time.


If anyone knows a way, please let me know!