Using normal world generation without oceans

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Using normal world generation without oceans

Basically, I am making a wild west mod, but I didn't like the idea of colder biomes because it's meant to emulate Texas/New Mexico environment. My solution to this was making a dimension and making the only biomes that can spawn be: 

Eroded Badlands
Wooded Badlands
Savanna Plateau
Windswept Savanna

The wiki page on making dimensions warned me about the larger biomes when you use less than thirty but I'm perfectly happy about that because it

It all seemed to work fine until I explored the dimension a little and saw a large ocean. For some reason my Wild West dimension is spawning in oceans even though I don't have any ocean biomes. I think this is because I used the "Normal World Gen" preset for the dimension, and since I selected Water as my fluid block, it made my ocean out of water. The other world generation presets wouldn't work because the last time I checked, the wild west wasn't on a bunch of floating island, and it definitely didn't have a roof.

I tried switching my fluid block to sand, which kind of worked except for the fact that it also made small lakes or rivers out of sand which is an issue because I actually want the smaller bodies of water to be made of water. I guess another solution to this could be using the "sand oceans" generation and just adding a lake structure but that seems very convoluted when theres probably a simpler solution. 

The next thing I tried was setting the Fluid block to air, but again I had the issue of no lakes and rivers. This world was kind of strange though because there was almost endless savanna and a sprinkle of desert, but when I used /locate to find a Badlands biome, the game told me it couldn't find any in a reasonable distance! The thing is, Wooded and Eroded Badlands worked just fine. Maybe it was just a glitch or just me getting unlucky. I don't know. Something else strange was that all of the world generation was super weird, there were absolutely massive caves and the other badlands that I could find looked as if they'd been through the blitz. Something that I liked about this type of generation was that water spawned underground in caves sometimes so it's not as if it's entirely gone. It might work if I just add some structure lakes. 

If anyone's got a solution or any ideas or ways to help me out that would be greatly appreciated. If nobody knows what to do then I'll just do the last idea with the air as the fluid block and lake structures spawning in.