Lead-like Displays

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Lead-like Displays

You should add a new element called Leash or something similar, where you can create a new display similar to the Lead from vanilla Minecraft.


But it would be a lot simpler, and here's how it might work:


First, you would give the Leash an entity texture, which would just be a flat image, with no 3D model.


Secondly, you would toggle if the texture of the Leash stretches or loops.


Thirdly, you would toggle if the Leash droops down like a Lead does in Minecraft, or if it doesn't, as in it just goes straight.


To show a Leash, there would be a new procedure block that would look something like this:


[Create new Leash of type (No entry selected) at Pos 1 - X: (X) Y: (Y) , Pos 2 - X: (X) Y: (Y)].


The (No entry selected) would be where you could select one of any of the Leashes you have created.


The (X) and (Y) could be replaced with any type of variable or input that returns a number.


The first pair of X: (X) Y: (Y) would determine the first point it starts at, and the second X: (X) Y: (Y) would do the opposite.


You would have to run this block/procedure every tick so it would always show when you wanted it to.


This would be my implementation, but you guys can probably think of a better way to do the showing and positioning.