Plant not generating in the nether or end

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Plant not generating in the nether or end

I am trying to make a plant that only generates in specific nether and end biomes, but it isn't generating in any of them. I've tweaked a bunch of settings over and over to no avail.
I have already made an overworld plant that works just fine, the problem only occurs with my nether/end plant.

Here's my plant settings if that helps:

Cross model with static plant type
Force plant ticking: true
Random model offset: XZ
Plant type: Cave
Placed/grown on: Warped nylium, warped wart block, end stone
No additional placing/growth conditions
Update every tick for particles
Plant feature generation: true
Spawn frequency: 3
Patch size: 7
Generate at any height: true
Generation type: Flower
Restriction biomes: Warped forest, end highlands, end midlands, the end