'Biased to bottom' height provider

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'Biased to bottom' height provider

This post explains one of Minecraft's 'feature' placement elements which as of yet doesn't seem to be documented anywhere online.


The 'biased to bottom' height provider returns a logarithmic distribution of possible heights, biased towards the minimum value. As an example, if the specified height range spans 10 blocks, the distribution count (listed in order from top to bottom) will look something like this:

5 9 16 22 28 37 46 63 84 126

The optional 'inner' value (aka the 'uniform range') specifies the range (in blocks) for which the height provider returns a uniform distribution. This value is 1 by default. An inner value of 3 will modify the above distribution to be uniform for the lowest 3 blocks of the height range:

9 18 29 43 59 77 100 126 126 126

The 'very biased to bottom' height provider behaves as you would expect, with a distribution count that looks more like this:

1 4 8 14 26 45 73 123 237 524

There doesn't appear to be a way to have the provider be biased to the top instead of the bottom by simply switching the min and max height values. 

Additionally, the 'max inclusive' height is actually exclusive, as the provider will never return the specified max height.