(IDEA) Blocking an element in the GUI and new features in texture editing

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(IDEA) Blocking an element in the GUI and new features in texture editing
Tue, 04/16/2024 - 15:52 (edited)

This feature is very important for interfaces and overlays. Imagine that you need to use a lot of elements (pictures, buttons, whatever), but these elements are located too close to each other. Sometimes you can accidentally take the wrong element, which is why you have to put it back in place, which is very annoying. I would like such elements to be able to be locked so that the user cannot change the position of this element until he unlocks it.

Also, I would dream of a feature like keyboard shortcuts in texture editing. It's simple, just like in Blockbench. Hold down alt and by clicking on the color, you can select a color. This is much better than turning several stages in a row - turn on the brush for picking colors, pick a color, turn on a pencil.

Another feature is related to fill in texture editing. In Blockbench, you can select multiple fills "Connected colors" and "Color". Connected colors is the mode that is currently available in MCreator. But not the least important mode is "Colors". It would be much better if the user could click on a certain color and all pixels of the same color would be replaced with the color you selected.

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