How do I change the text color in the game for certain items?

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How do I change the text color in the game for certain items?

I want to change the colors of the text in the description of the items to my liking. In the Mcreator program, you can add a description for items. But with this addition, the text is always white. But for my mod, colors in the description of objects are a very important function.  The code below 

A certain section of the code in which something needs to be changed

    list.add(Component.text("RANK | G | ").withColor (TextColor.fromRGB(255, 0, 0)));
    list.add(Component.text("Item: Raw Goblin Meat "));
    list.add(Component.text("Class: Food "));
    list.add(Component.text("Description: Raw forest goblin meat extracted from a forest goblin of the first level. A strange smell of meat, moss, grass and something goblins. "));
    list.add(Component.text("Additionally: Meat can be eaten, cooked, used as food for animals or monsters, Sacrificing to someone or something, and many other hidden mechanics in which this item can be used."));
    list.add(Component.text("Stats: "));
    list.add(Component.text("nutritional value +2").withColor (TextColor.fromRGB(0, 255, 0));
    list.add(Component.text("saturation +1.8").withColor (TextColor.fromRGB(0, 255, 0));



I tried to change the color in 3 lines. The first one is red, and the other two are green, but a compilation error occurred and the miner did not start : ( Help who is fumbling.