How To Detect A Vanilla Block Update? (Brewing Stand)

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How To Detect A Vanilla Block Update? (Brewing Stand)

Hey guys I'm trying to detect when a item is brewed in the brewing stand and to place a glass bottle in its inventory or in a hopper's inventory below. The problem is I have lots of custom brewing recipes that output raw items outside a glass bottle, and the potions I use to brew the items get removed and the glass is lost. It would be a major pain to recode all the recipes to be items in a glass bottle version of themselves, so I'm looking for a workaround.  

I tried using the "When item is crafted/smelted" trigger on both the result and the input items, as well as the global trigger "when item is crafted" but it still does not set a glass bottle in either inventory. Im not sure how to detect when the brewing stand has brewed/is brewing, or how to detect if the gui is open.

Any ideas? Thanks.