two-handed tools and weapons (yea i need help)

Started by FizzyFox_ on Wed, 04/27/2022 - 20:20

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two-handed tools and weapons (yea i need help)
Wed, 04/27/2022 - 20:20

heyy hi hi
im working on a mod to add many different various weapons and tools to minecraft, most of them being very similar to vanilla content
some of these tools and weapons are larger, two-handed, longer-reach weapons. I'm not exactly sure how to go about this, but here's the things i need help with:
  - increasing the scale of tools
  - placing them in the center of the player's gui
  - figuring out how to make a player hold a weapon in 2 hands, without glitching out the off-hand and deleting whatever's in it
  - increasing a tool's reach
if you can offer help with any of these, please do! (i respond faster and more frequently on discord, fizzyfox#7506)

extra notes:
 - MCreator version 2021.3
 - game version 1.17.1
 - no custom GUIs in the mod, just items and recipes
 - PLEASE respond to me on discord, it's so much easier for me