Checking for some idea!

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Checking for some idea!

Hi, im curently working on BIG mod! (my 1st one) i really know where i want to go, but i'll like to know what the community have to suggest me! i'll take your idea and note your name and tell tath it was your idea in the offical page when the Verison 0.0.1 gonna be publish! the name of the mod is StarGate, Thx for the suggestions! (Sorry for my bad english)

If the name of you mod is…
Thu, 03/07/2019 - 02:50

If the name of you mod is StarGate, I think to the space, and to Startreck (I don't know why. xD). So try, tu create a mod in connection with StarTreck and the space (sci-fi, etc.).