Gravelands: Guide, News, Updates

Started by MP1Player on Sun, 11/24/2019 - 22:41

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Gravelands: Guide, News, Updates
Sun, 11/24/2019 - 22:51 (edited)

This thread is about the mod I am developing called "Gravelands". A mod that adds a whole new, challenging, expansive dimension with dungeons and 3 new bosses (Plus 4 more planned ones coming in the future)


This is the guide:

Getting into the dimension

To get into the dimension, you must travel through your world until you find a small temple with a portal in it made of grave bricks. To make the trigger, you need one iron ingot and one redstone torch. This will make the "Gravelands Trigger", which you will need to trigger the portal. Once you use the trigger on the portal, it shall open up and let you access the gravelands.

Exploring The Dimension And Finding The Dungeons

Once you enter the dimension, you will be able to explore a world featuring 6 biomes. They are as follows:

- Destroyed Plains

- Soul Forest

- Corrupted Sands

- Gravelands Oasis

- Inferno

- Dry Icelands

For terms of dungeons, there are:

- Inferno Towers (Contains Inferno King)

- Dry Ice Igloos (Contains Ice Lord)

- Corrupted Pyramid (Contains Sand Beast)

When you find the dungeons, you must right click the "Spirit Box" contained in the dungeon to spawn in the boss linked with that dungeon.

Boss Info

Sand Beast:

Has 175 health. Will summon husks and strike lightning to defend itself.

Inferno King:

Summons Blazes and Firefoxes (New mob) to defend itself.

Ice Lord:

Will not summon mobs or entities to defend itself, but has insane speed and damage rates.


Whats Coming Soon

- A boss and dungeon for the gravelands oasis. This is coming in the next update after release and is already being worked on.

- Grave Wood. Currently its only Logs and Leaves. This will soon become Doors, Fences, and Planks.

- Dead Lead (Ore)

- Better Logo.

- Better Textures.




This mod is only 20-45% complete and is mostly unfinished.


Biomes Added: 6/11

Bosses Added: 3/7

Temples Added: 3/9

Enemies Added: 1/4

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Nice guide :) I like that…
Mon, 12/16/2019 - 20:09

Nice guide :)

I like that you gave some identity to the bosses, rather than making just some regular mobs with op stats