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Started by Minty Kisses on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 11:44

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Full Color Forum Topic
Mon, 03/23/2020 - 11:44


General Information

Full Color is a mod created by Minty_Kisses and is mainly about exploring lucid dreams and nightmares. It's pre-alpha consists of the Phantasmagoria dimension in its early state which includes 3 biomes, a flower field biome, forest biome, and mushroom biome. It currently has only 5 mobs (Chik, Rose and Dandelion butterflies, Reverie jelly and Stargazing jellyfish.)

Planned Content

It is planned in the next update to expand Phantasmagoria as in adding new mobs, biomes, structures, items, blocks, and loot.

Along with Phantasmagoria, a new dimension, being Phantasmagoria's spooky counterpart, the Eclipse. It features a crimson / black / orange color palette and a variety of mobs and biomes. It may or may not be considered being more hostile and dangerous than Phantasmagoria, although both dimensions are planned to be more dangerous than the overworld.

Other than aesthetic and gameplay changes, there may in the next update be achievements. Achievements weren't added in Pre-Alpha due to an error in the snapshot (Or it may be just me), causing the game to crash when starting the world.


Phantasmagoria and Eclipse can be accessed with sleeping on a comfortable / uncomfortable bed at night. It is crafted by their unique materials known as Flowing Dream and Nightmare Fuel. They are obtained by crafting a dream catcher and placing it at a maximum 3 blocks above the players bed. When the player sleeps, the dream catcher above their bed will become full with dream and nightmare material, ready to be picked up by right clicking. A dream catcher is made with a diamond shape of any log inside the crafting table and a silver infused string in the middle, which is created by placing a string and a crystallized silver in the crafting grid. A crystallized silver is obtained by blasting (not smelting) a silver ingot (Made by smelting a silver ore that generates at the same level and quantity as a gold ore.).

When the player enters a dream dimension, they will get a potion of waking which will teleport them to the overworld when being in one of the two dimensions. if the potion is lost or somehow deleted, don't worry since a potion can be crafted using the resources in the dimensions. A Phantasmagoria potion recipe includes a Chik Feather, Pneumatic Kelp and Sunberry Juice all in the middle collumn in a 3x3 crafting grid.

Current Bugs and Problems

There aren't much problems and bugs in the Pre-Alpha that I know, but I'll list them anyway:

  • Messed up Dream Catcher rotation
  • Sunrise and Sunset seen when looking at a direction (Causing yellow and orange sky)
  • Butterflies and Jellyfish being stuck on the ground.
  • Jellyfish animations aren't working.

Offical Mod Page: https://mcreator.net/modification/58372/full-color