How does "Provided Entity/Player" work? Is there a way to get entity at XYZ?

Started by Alessi on Wed, 05/27/2020 - 03:42

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How does "Provided Entity/Player" work? Is there a way to get entity at XYZ?
Wed, 05/27/2020 - 03:42

I'm new to Mcreator and its procedure system. I would like to know more about entity blocks. Let's say I'm making an entity (I'll call it NewVillager), in this case I'd assume that the "provided entity" would be NewVillager, at all times.

Does Mcreator ever change what the "provided entity" is? If so, how?

If playing multiplayer (local world sharing), how does Mcreator choose who is the "provided player"? I'd assume it would be the closest player to NewVillager, because I don't see how colliding with the entity or clicking on the entity would change who the "provided player" is.


Last thing, I saw a lot of issue trackers asking the question (with no answer unfortunately, just hopes and dreams) is there a way to check whether there is an entity at XYZ?


Below is just a bunch of ideas about the last question, don't read if you don't want to (btw, should I make an Issue Tracker for this?)

I think something like - "Get entity at [X] [Y] [Z]" - should be a thing, it would return false if no entity is there, and it could be used with:

"Is [Get entity at [X] [Y] [Z]] a (sub)type of [Entity]" or 

"Does [Get entity at [X] [Y] [Z]] see [entity, or (sub)type of entity] within FOV of [FOV value]" or

"Switch [Get entity at [X] [Y] [Z]] to current provided entity" or

"Is [Get entity at [X] [Y] [Z]] in creative mode" and stuff like that, you get it.

Also having something like "Get X/Y/Z of nearest [entity, or (sub)type of entity]" would be very useful when creating smart AI.

Sorry for the long post, my brain really wants to go for the extreme and my imagination is shooting out ideas.