Get entity around (in range) procedure block

Published by skyman478 on Wed, 03/13/2019 - 01:50
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Issue description

Hi, here is sky, it would be cool if there is the following block on the procedure system:

-Get entity around/nearby of '0' blocks = [Specify Entity]

this should expand the mod creative options.

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Issue comments

I was just going to suggest it but you did it already XD

I think it would be a cool feature :)

PS: I think it should be "get nearbiest entity of type [type]"

This feature will be added in 2020.4 alongside this related feature:

  • [#47617] Added "get entity in range" procedure block
  • Added "convert item entity to itemstack" procedure

Use sqrt(abs(x1-x2)*abs(x1-x2)+abs(y1-y2)*abs(y1-y2))

Oh,yes,remove the ABSs,because negative*negative = poositive


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