Changelog Idea

Started by ColourfulBean on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 04:38

Topic category: Feature requests and ideas for MCreator

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Changelog Idea
Sun, 07/26/2020 - 04:52 (edited)

I think it would be easier for most of us if you made [Bugfix] green, and added [Added] / + to a blue colour. Maybe orange for things that have been improved/ changed?


Also, maybe have added stuff at the top, improved/ changed stuff in the middle and bugfix stuff at the bottom with their respected colours.


I really think this would make it look nicer and more professional. But also easier to determine what has been added, changed and bug fixed. 


It also gives us a layout of what you have added, changed and bug fixed. So if I was wondering if you added a certain things, I would look at the top of the changelog version and see if it has been added. Or I might look for a bugfix, so I would then go to the bottom etc. 




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